Thursday, July 29, 2010

sad... so sad

So here I sit at work in the ER... and there is a very confused, combative elderly man sitting in the waiting room. Apparently he was discharged from here today to go to a nursing home... and when he got there, he was so difficult the facility would not accept him. He has no children and is accompanied by two nieces and a nephew who are clearly beside themselves due to his behavior. He wants to go home. He doesn't understand he doesn't have one. No facility wants to accept him due to his current state. They say that growing old is like becoming a child again bc of the way people devolve back to dependence. So does that mean this man is an orphan? I'm not saying he is easy or not at fault... listening to him for over an hour is like listening to a shrill baby cry. You can't be mad at the child, but you can't really do anything to make it stop either. AYE AYE AYE. What to do... is there an answer here?

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