Sunday, August 1, 2010

soooo... I'm thinking about a tattoo

I have long thought I would someday get a tattoo and that tattoo would have a decidedly scottish theme to it. I also always assumed I would get it on my foot... the more I thought about it tho... I didn't like it there. As I consider possible locations, I thought the inside of my wrist... can easily be hidden with a watch or bracelet... my foot--harder to hide in sandles. So I was thinking a simple scottish flag. It's 'plain' enough, that it can be done very small... and still look good.

Then a friend found this on line... I REALLY LOVE IT... but it is bigger and therefore... would have to go back to the foot... what to do what to do!?!?!? If I go with the heart and thistle... I think I would likely have it done with less detail... more clean lines... I'd like to hear your thoughts?!

Loyalty Thistle--Modeled after a very old kilt pin, the thistle of Scotland is enclosed within the arms of a heart, a symbol of love for country and kin.