Thursday, July 15, 2010

old friends....

So my Paternal Grandfather... you know him as Gramps, married my grandmother, Dorthey upon returning from the war... she had a group of girlfriends who kept in touch over the years and while my grandmother passed away in the early 1960s this group of women and their husbands kept Gramps in their circle--his magnetic personality no doubt! One friend in particular was named Phyllis... Gramps was the God Father to one of her daughters and when this woman's father passed away, Gramps would help her mother out. By help her out I mean take her beer and throw a few back;) HAHA, I'm sure he did other things as well... Mrs. Stone lives in Erie PA, but keeps in touch with Gramps... So she and daughter Sande (the God Daughter) came to see Gramps last week. Here are the pics... How fun to meet a dear old friend of my grandparents... It's funny, Mrs. Stone is a very conservative old fashioned lady... she does not take well to Gramps' dirty jokes or swearing of any kind really... Typically she would just hang up on him. The funny part... she always came around and they have remained friends!

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  1. No one can resist Gramps and his dirty jokes. :)