Sunday, September 26, 2010

basic human rights?

It's been a LOOOONG time since I posted... more on that later.....

So unbeknownst to me, this is banned book week... I apologize for not being "in the know" but if it doesn't involve human disease process, I'm not reading it these days... Anyway... I was reading an article in the paper this morning regarding banned book week and a program going on at a local college. The main point of interest to me a brief mention of the global discussion suggesting that perhaps the ability to READ should be a basic human right. Never thought about that!!! I did immediately think about all things that the ability to read can bring to a person... skills for employment, access to health information, education helps a woman (or girl) be more selective regarding whom she may choose to marry-- and it's all about choice, if a woman or girl CAN read she is more likely to even have a voice in that decision at all. The ability to read is literally life changing and is more likely to give individuals access to those rights that are already considered to be "basic human rights." What part can I do to bring about this change?

*insert funny aside*

Last Sunday afternoon my boyfriend Sam was here and was enjoying a lazy afternoon surfing the web and watching sports on TV. When he sensed my "jealousy" he commented "this what you get to do when you stick with your original career path!" HAHA... he was teasing me, but there was truth in it. Had I stuck with an original path and not gone back to school, I would have more free time, however, I am optimistic that this time next year, I too will have that free time!

*back to my original point*

When I'm done with school in EIGHT SHORT MONTHS (!!!!!!!!)... I want to give time (and my skills) to enhancing the lives of others... while I have long thought that would involve my health care training... it could involve literacy... I can't expect people to pursue personal wellness, if they can't read.

Parenthetically... I also look forward to reading more in EIGHT SHORT MONTHS (!!!!!!!).... fREADom is one of the rights guaranteed to me by Gramps' sacrifice (1942-1946)

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